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What is Overemployment
By Finance and Toast  •  June 22, 2022
What is overemployment? Overemployed or overemployment is loosely a concept where people hold 2 or more full-time jobs (preferably remotely) to generate higher income in the same amount of time they would otherwise have if they had only held 1 full-time job. I recently came across a Youtube video from Bloomberg Quicktake on people in the United States of America holding 2 or more full-time jobs, where they work a few hours each day on each job remotely, and avoid getting caught. I also found out that there is a website called Overemployed, which aims to inculcate values such as working smart, optimizing your time, and maximizing your income, all with the end goal of achieving financial independence quicker. The logic is simple – if you have multiple streams of income, naturally you will be insulated from any shocks from the financial markets, especially in this inflationary macroeconomic environment....
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By Finance and Toast
Hi, my name is Vincent and I’m the founder of Finance and Toast, a website which aims at documenting snippets of my life and also all things related to personal finance and investments. I started this website as a platform to share investing ideas with like-minded individuals. I was interested in the stock market since the age of 18 and I enjoy understanding more about different investment philosophies and its unique way of looking at things. I love contrarian ideas and am fascinated by well-run companies and leaders.

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