5 cash rich Malaysian stocks that pay more than 5% dividends
By Dr Wealth  •  June 24, 2022
Following up from our previous piece where we identified 9 Singapore cash rich companies that pay more than 5% dividends and 5 cash rich Hong Kong stocks that pay more than 7% dividend, we now look at 5 cash rich Malaysia stocks that pay more than 5% dividends. Similarly, we use a robust method to select stocks by using a variation of the Ben Graham Net cash method, with the formula being the sum of cash and short term investments minus total liabilities. Short term investments are taken into consideration because some of these companies have such strong balance sheet with so much excess cash that they have deployed them into a variety of short term investments such as fixed deposits, bonds or even equities so as to obtain better returns for their idle pile. The stocks we have identified are also profitable and some are trading at a relatively low P/E ratio....
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By Dr Wealth
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