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Your SELF-WORTH is not your NET WORTH
By Learn To Invest  •  June 24, 2022
Too often our society places a high significance on how much a person makes, how big or how many house one owns. Even, how many and what cars one may have. What brand of clothes a person wears, what valuables they have, and the list goes on and on… However, we have to understand, everyone circumstances are different. Are you born with a silver spoon? GOOD FOR YOU. Not many people are as fortunate as you. Personally, I feel only you can define for yourself, your worth in life. Therefore, you should value yourself more highly than the material things you can accumulate. Furthermore, there is always someone better than you. Bear that in mind, I mean it. There is always someone better than you. Having more money ≠ you will be more happy People often have the misconceptions that money will make them happier. My rebut is: REALLY? Perhaps momentarily. Maybe in the ways of...
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By Learn To Invest
Not an investment genius, but someone who is learning and sharing my findings on personal finance and investing. I have amassed my knowledge through internships, amazing mentors and books. I developed this blog to document my investment path and demonstrate to the general public that anyone can learn to manage and increase their own money with the right framework of investing and thinking. In that spirit, I intend to share my thoughts and opinions as open as possible in this blog. Because of familiarity and my knowledge with the SG companies, I began my investing in SG markets in 2019. I eventually expanded to invest in the Hong Kong and the United States markets.

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