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By Financial Horse  •  June 26, 2022
Rounding up top investing articles from around the web, including articles shared in our Facebook Group and Reddit Community: r/SingaporeInvestments.

$1.5b package to help S’poreans cope with inflation; $100 utilities credit for every household (Straits Times)

A $1.5 billion support package to help lower-income families and vulnerable groups amid rising global inflation was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong on Tuesday (June 21). They will receive an additional goods and services tax (GST) Voucher – Cash Special Payment of up to $300 to be given out in August, which is on top of the regular GST Voucher – Cash of up to $400 that had earlier been announced. This will benefit about 1.5 million lower-income to middle-income workers, as well as retirees without income. The package will also provide a $100 utilities credit to every Singaporean household and extend more help to local companies, among other measures....
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By Financial Horse
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