Perhaps the best time to buy Bitcoin might be on a blue day
By Data Science Investor  •  July 10, 2022
You might be baffled by the title of this article. What exactly is a blue day? Bear with me for a while as I'm going to go through multiple things before I come to that. But trust me, it's worth the journey. First of all, I'm sure most of us are very used to the concept of DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging). In fact, there is a famous article out that which proved that timing the market is almost always inferior compared to DCA. There is no doubt about that. No one should absolutely try to time the bottom and only make investments at the bottom. But what if we could slightly alter the mechanism of DCA to provide us better returns without trying to time the market? This is the concept of EDCA- Enhanced Dollar Cost Averaging. What exactly is EDCA? EDCA is a modified version of DCA where you...
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By Data Science Investor
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