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DBS Vantage Card Review
By The Kiam Siap Life  •  July 12, 2022
Just recently, DBS has launched its first $120K income requirement credit card and this is a first for DBS to extend its reach to the mass affluents audiences. Other similar cards from other banks with the $120K income requirement would include the likes of (non-exhaustive),
  • OCBC Voyage
  • Citi Prestige
  • HSBC Visa Infinite
I will attempt to review some of its hands on experience, perks and benefits through my past week of usage. First Looks Upon receiving the card package, it exudes plenty of “atas-ness” in a simple and subtle elegant matte black envelope/folder. You’ll also notice that this is a metal card and certainly feels a lot more heftier and sturdy when compared to a plastic credit card. An eyesore to some (if you enjoy staring at credit cards) is the line that extends across from the chip to the edge of the card. Not sure if it’s just a product defect on our end though....
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By The Kiam Siap Life
As millennials ourselves, we always dream of achieving financial freedom through the fastest possible way but DO NOT know the ways and means to. While we do not claim to have been there, done that and share with you the “secrets” of unlocking financial freedom, (many paid workshops out there can help you with that. Not sure how many of them are actually millionaires right now *snickers*) we are here to help you.

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