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Here’s How to Convert Your S$100 NS55 Credits to Cash Online
By Seedly  •  July 12, 2022
Can I Withdraw My NS55 Credits Into Cash? Wondering how to convert your $100 worth of National Service 55 (NS55) credits into cold-hard cash online? Source: Giphy Yep! You can transfer that $100 into your bank account with no fees so long as you have the appropriate Multi-currency accounts and cards. After all the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) did say that ‘NSmen (are) free to decide how to use their S$100 NS55 digital credits’ (via CNA). This includes withdrawing your money from Sheng Siong’s cash machines as mentioned in our NS55 $100 Cash Credit Guide. Intrigued? Here’s how you can do so! Note that information is accurate as of 12 July 2022. Step 0: Make Sure You Have the LifeSG app, YouTrip and Revolut accounts For this to work, you’ll need to sign up for a YouTrip and Revolut Multi-currency account (or Wise)....
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By Seedly
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