Cheapest Funeral In Singapore – Body Donation
By Consume Less Life  •  July 18, 2022
I have always wanted to write something about the cheapest way to handle our death in Singapore. I thought that sea burial and inland ash scattering were two of the cheapest methods of handling ashes after cremation. However, I came across the option of body donation to medical schools, a free “funeral” option for individuals. I know that most people will not be able to accept this method but if you are open to the idea plus don’t want to spend money on a funeral, donating your body for science might be for you. Different Types Of Funerals First, we need to look at the entire process from when death happens to when we deal with the remains.
  1. Death occurs
  2. Funeral
  3. Dealing with remains
After death happens, depending on the individual’s race and religion, we will have a funeral. Then after the funeral, how we handle the dead bodies is categorised into two mainstream categories, burial and cremation....
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By Consume Less Life
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