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How To Save Money on Your Electrical Bills & Avoid Other Hidden Fees
By ValueChampion  •  July 19, 2022
Singapore electricity tariffs are projected to rise by about 8% for Q3. The average monthly electricity bill for families living in a HDB four-room flat is projected to increase by $8.25 excluding GST to $111.63. Take a look at how this increase in electricity tariffs could potentially affect you and your family, and by how much:
Type of Premises Average Monthly Bill New Average Monthly Bill Average Change in Monthly Bill
HDB one-room flat S$40.41 S$43.64 S$3.23
HDB two-room flat S$52.80 S$57.02 S$4.22
HDB three-room flat S$74.90 S$80.88 S$5.98
HDB four-room flat S$103.38 S$111.63 S$8.25
HDB five-room flat S$120.35 S$129.95 S$9.60
HDB executive flat S$147.38 S$159.14 S$11.76
Private apartment S$160.17 S$172.96 S$12.79
Terrace S$243.87 S$263.33 S$19.46
Semi-detached S$334.13 S$360.79 S$26.66
Bungalow S$660.66 S$713.99 S$52.73
Average S$118.87 S$128.36 S$9.49
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By ValueChampion
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