The Coffee Startups taking on Starbucks in Asia
By Financial Horse  •  July 20, 2022
In Part 1 of this article, we examined how Starbucks has maintained its position as the largest coffeehouse chain in the world. A quick recap of 3 of its competitive advantages:
  • Starbucks’s powerful brand means loyal customers are willing to pay a premium for their products.
  • Despite having over 34,000 stores in 80 countries, Starbucks still sees a long runway for growth in the U.S. and international markets, especially China.
  • Starbucks Rewards Program results in data-driven business decisions.
This article was submitted by a Guest Contributor. The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the Guest Contributor. However, as Starbucks expands internationally, it is coming up against increasing competition. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at its competitors in Asia. Powered by several venture capital-backed startups, the last 5 years has seen a proliferation of grab and go coffee chains. Grab and go coffee chains in Asia Starbucks positions itself as a “Third Place” between home and work....
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By Financial Horse
Financial Horse was started to demystify financial investments. He is a firm believer in Einstein’s quote that “If you can’t explain it to six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Too much of finance is shrouded in complex jargon, and Financial Horse gallops through the mysteries ...

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