5 Reasons Biotech Startups Are Choosing Co-Working Laboratories
By - Your Salary in Singapore  •  July 21, 2022
Over the last decade, co-working spaces have become the preferred work environment for freelancers and entrepreneurs running small to medium-sized enterprises. Most of these individuals and organisations elect to rent a shared workspace in the interest of cutting operational costs, accelerating time to startup, and maximising productivity. Many are also interested in inter-organisational collaboration and socialisation, and thus aim to make fruitful connections by utilising co-working spaces. Today, co-working spaces have grown popular and complex enough to serve the needs of almost any industry, including a number of formerly niche sectors. The establishment of co-working laboratories, for instance, has enabled scientists and scientific entrepreneurs to get around the typically exorbitant costs of R&D, to shorten the research lifecycle, and to bring their innovations to market more efficiently. The hope is that this new working model will help the biotech and pharmaceutical industries become more agile and expedite the commercialisation of promising...
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By - Your Salary in Singapore
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