July Singapore Savings Bonds Allotment – Only $9,000 per person!
By Financial Horse  •  July 27, 2022
So the allotment results for the July 2022 Singapore Savings Bonds are out. And I mean… we all knew that these Singapore Savings Bonds would be hot. But wow… they are sizzling hot indeed.  

Singapore Savings Bonds Allotment – Only $9,000 per person!

Out of an issue size of $700 million, applications were received for $2.4 billion, which is almost 3.4 times subscribed. And the amount that each person gets? A whopping S$9,000. If you’re really lucky you get $9,500, but only 8.15% of applicants had this privilege. For the record, this was the interest for the July Singapore Savings Bonds. 2.0% for the first year, stepping up to 3.29% for the 10th year, and an average of 3% per year over 10 years.

What about the August Singapore Savings Bonds?

Out of curiosity, I decided to check out the...
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By Financial Horse
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