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Tips and Tricks on Managing Your Finances as a University Student in Singapore
By ValueChampion  •  July 28, 2022

How to Plan Your Finances When University Is Starting Soon

Stepping into university marks a crucial milestone in one’s financial journey. There are no fixed timetables, no assigned time slots for recess, and nobody to manage your budget and spending, except yourself. Therefore, it is important to keep a handle on how much money you are spending as a university student. Here is a breakdown of how much a typical university student might spend monthly.
Expense TypeAmountRemarks
Accomodation$400 - $800Depends on room type (air-con/non air-con), hostel location and single or double room
Transportation$40 - $90Depends on whether you stay on-campus, or have to travel to school from home everyday
Food$200 - $450Based on an average budget of $10-15 per day for meals at food courts/ hawker centres
Mobile Phone & Internet$20 - $50Depends on mobile packages and data amount
Entertainment$50 - $300Depends on individual lifestyle and spending habits
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By ValueChampion
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