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Will Alibaba having a primary listing in Hong Kong change anything?
By Dr Wealth  •  July 29, 2022
Alibaba first listed on the New York Stock Exchange in September 2014 and has maintained a secondary listing in Hong Kong since November 2019. Alibaba to apply for primary stock listing in Hong Kong The company has just announced its intention to seek a primary listing in Hong Kong by this year end, converting from its secondary listing status and thus becoming a dual primary listed company. With any significant move such as this, there will be implications which we will look at in detail. Alibaba explains that in the six months ended June 30, 2022, the average daily trading volume in Hong Kong was approximately US$0.7 billion, compared to an average daily trading volume of approximately US$3.2 billion in the United States. Given the substantial presence of its business operations in China, the company expects that its dual-primary listing status would allow it to broaden its investor base, and facilitate incremental liquidity, in particular expand access to China- and other Asia-based investors....
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By Dr Wealth
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