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Sembcorp Marine Board is Making a Terrible Decision to buy Keppel Offshore at Current Conditons.
By Investmoolah  •  July 30, 2022
Disclaimer: I do not own any Keppel or Sembcorp Marine shares. However, I do monitor the marine side. Below is my opinion which is unbiased given my declared interest. From the latest Keppel Results, my sense is that Sembcorp Marine (SCM) shareholders are shortchanged in the current deal and I feel the Board of Directors of SCM are making a very bad corporate decision. In Keppel's latest update on its discontinued business page 40-41, the spun off entity of Keppel O&M made about s$63 mil in profits for 6 months. Cashflow wise, it is not remarkable and is likely cashflow neutral in operations even though its report shows it is cashflow negative of 120 million. In terms of book value, Keppel declares the entity has a s$5.6 billion book value. Valuation of Keppel O&M If we are to extrapolate, it is likely Keppel OM will earn about 130 Million per year. Based on past...
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By Investmoolah
A total otaku who loves anime, investing and the occasional K-drama. My financial journey begun at the age of 22 and has revolved around the concepts of "Working Hard", "Saving Well" and "Investing Wisely". Through my journey, I have realized that financial literacy is something we have learnt little during our school days but is one of the most useful and relevant skill that we have to be equipped to take on the real world. Concepts such as compounding and "common sense investing" are skills that will place us ahead of the race to retirement ...

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