Tour An Old 1987 HDB Transformation: How A Couple Achieved A Japandi Look With A $90k Reno Budget
By Stacked Homes  •  August 1, 2022
If there’s anything that Singaporeans have a common love for, it’s anything Japanese. Even when it comes to a home, that minimalist Muji-look is very much a look that is sought after. But for some, that minimalist look can be a bit too bare and cold. As such, there is a trendy look named Japandi that is a combination of “Japanese” and “Scandinavia.” Japandi is all about combining the sleek and elegant Japanese design with Scandinavia’s modern yet warmer approach. While they may seem too contrasting, they are both rooted in minimalism and naturalness. Wood materials and neutral or muted colour palettes dominate a home’s interior. SL and JL (@bright_hill_haus) were aiming for this type of interior for their home, and they were able to pull it off almost impeccably. Their flat, located at Sin Ming Avenue, was built almost three decades ago – in 1987. “We bought it in 2016 after it was announced that a new MRT line,...
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By Stacked Homes
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