You can now buy crypto with Revolut
By Side Hustle Rich  •  August 5, 2022
Combine anything with crypto, and you will have my attention. So naturally, when Revolut announced their crypto trading service has finally landed in Singapore, I dusted my good old Revolut app out of the unused app section, and decided to buy a little bit of crypto via the app to see how easy it was. I haven’t used Revolut in forever, but looking at the app, it does seem to have evolved a lot. Also, for my upcoming trip (finally!), I’ve decided to use Revolut for my overseas expenses, so I had recently requested for a new card. Check it out! What is Revolut? If you’re new to Revolut, it’s a fintech company based out of the UK. They have a nifty tagline: One app, all things money. From daily spending, travel perks, bill splitting, savings and investments, you can do it all. As I said, they have evolved a lot since I last checked in....
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By Side Hustle Rich
I’m Richard, creator of SideHustleRich. I created this site to journal my experiments, experiences and thoughts on working up multiple streams of income, in an attempt to achieve financial independence. I’m a happily married man and a father to two young boys. I don’t believe in working until i’m 65, maybe enjoy 5 years of retirement before starting to ache all over from basically growing old and tired.

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