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By My CEO Journey  •  August 6, 2022
I used to work in the field as an engineer. This means being at the front end of fumes, sun, climbing up and deep below and so on. I'll say the money I earned was blood sweat money, literally. Years back, I was overseas during winter at -27oC, and was climbing a tall tower. At the top of the tower, I could feel the slight swaying of the tower due to the strong winds, while shivering in the sheer cold. Up at the tower, I told myself, I will get out of engineering. Years later, I was going deep down into the ground, into a tunnel. About 40 m into the ground. My colleague, who was close to 60 years old later also went deep into another tunnel. I looked at him, and told myself, I don't want to be like him when I am that age. I changed job, in similar field, and...
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By My CEO Journey
This is where Ms. CEO, (i.e. ME) blogs about her organization (i.e. my life). We can all be CEOs of at least one organization --- ourselves. You see, we are the overall in charge of our life, and ultimately responsible for all aspects of it. Most of us have the choice to decide what we want to achieve in our life, and execute a plan to achieve it ...

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