Michael Burry’s Predictions…and why I am slowing down my DCA investing
By A Pen Quotes  •  August 6, 2022
Basically, I have been thinking much lately about my war chest level, and also the rate of my DCA (dollar cost averaging) investing to my stock portfolio (esp. my dividend portfolio). Although deep down I still want to grow my monthly/annual dividend amount; however it is also torn by the need to have a substantial war chest to take the opportunity of market corrections or crashes. The beginning of the year (2022) has not been kind to markets, and in recent weeks (or months), there has been a slight rebound in the markets. Personally, was kind of anticipating further drops. For all we know it could be just another dead cat bounce. Regardless, with my pay still not going higher much, and war chest not up to my comfort level, I have been delaying my DCAs (stretching them to longer periods – months perhaps). This is actually not easy for...
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By A Pen Quotes
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