Step by Step guide on how to screen for SG Reits with low debt/equity ratios, high interest coverages, and high dividend yields
By A Pen Quotes  •  August 13, 2022
I like trying out stock screeners. Occasionally, I would be surprised by what I might find.
StocksCafe has this feature on its site, and I find it highly useful for screening dividend stocks and in particular SG Reits. In this post, I will run through on how to screen for Reits with low debt/equity ratios, high interest coverage ratios, and high dividend yields. Please note the order. My priority is to find look for Reits with low debt loads first, as I am sure with the rising interest rates environment that we are in now, it is perhaps prudent to do that first. After all, a high dividend yield would probably be not sustainable over time if the Reit management has to subsequently allocate a higher percentage of the income to pay for the rising interest payment to its debt. Login to StocksCafe. Go to Screener...
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By A Pen Quotes
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