Mid Year Review (5) – Tracking Well, 3.54% Dividend Yield YTD
By Invest For Yourself  •  August 15, 2022
I measured the success of investment by the dividends that I get. I am an income investor. My investment aim is to build a portfolio that would provide me with adequate passive income when I retire. As the title suggests, the dividend yield of my equity portfolio as at 12 Aug is 3.5%. The last company in my portfolio had reported its dividend distribution yesterday. Bulk of the yield, or 3.1% to be exact, comes from SG listed companies. This is expected as 60% of my equity portfolio are SG listed companies and they offer good dividends. Regular readers of my blog would know that I used to target 5% yield. But in recent years, I have decided to adjust that downwards to 4.5% as I have diversified my holding to include US equities which pay very little dividend. At the rate that it is going, I think the dividend...
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By Invest For Yourself

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