Are REITs just for retirees? (2 Aug 22)
By Ernest Lim's investing blog  •  August 18, 2022

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I am reproducing this article in its entirety. This article first ran on Manulife US REIT’s thought leadership column, Viewpoints, which publishes regular content on the U.S. economy and the office sector. Follow MUST on LinkedIn for all the latest updates!

In our previous article “What are REITs?”, we shared about the types of asset classes and geographical breakdown of REITs listed in Singapore. In this next article of our #MUSTExplains series, where we share about REITs, the U.S. economy and the office sector, we discuss the reasons why people invest in REITs, and some risks to consider.

REITs may not be as exciting as tech stocks and cryptocurrencies, but here are four popular reasons why investors hold them[1]:

Cost-effective way to invest in real estate: Direct property investment is more capital intensive and illiquid, while investing in REITs is more affordable and enables investors to grow their capital in a shorter...
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By Ernest Lim's investing blog
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