Cory Diary : Equity and Dividend Report YTD
By CoryLogics  •  August 19, 2022
Ytd Dividend collected $56k which is significantly higher than previous year. Reason I will mention more below paragraphs. Dividends collected have crossed $542k incl. delist agt. $491k without. Sigh ! did not cross half a million. That's fine because with dividend strategy it will. Just a matter of time. Bao Jiak ! This few weeks I have been focusing on driving dividend yields through better companies reporting such as Ascendas. This counter is interesting because I was averaging down as the market get beaten up such that I have significant excess in Ascendas shares. And when the market turned bull I start selling excess in small stages. Soon after the report is above my expectation so I kind of bought back some partially at higher level from my sell price. The mindset is the Ascendas after reporting gives me a better picture overall of the business which deserve larger allocation....
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By CoryLogics

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