The 7 habits of highly effective crypto investor!
By Careyourpresent  •  August 21, 2022
I believe many people has read and learn this book from their school, corporate life etc. For those unfamiliar with this book, these are the 7 habits!
  1. Be proactive.Take responsibility for your own life. Take the initiative and don’t simply accept what you’re given.
  2. Begin with the end in mind.Have a plan for your life. Know where you want to go — and why.
  3. Put first things first.Sort out your priorities (which is much easier to do when you have an end in mind). Focus your attention on the things that are urgent and important. Covey’s “big rocks” metaphor comes from this section.
  4. Think win-win.When possible, seek mutually beneficial solutions to problems. Don’t be adversarial. Help others achieve their aims as you achieve yours.
  5. Seek first to undertand, then to be understood.Don’t be in a rush to be right. Listen to what others are saying. Empathy.
  6. Find ways to work with others in order to achieve mutual aims
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By Careyourpresent
My name is Edmond Ng and I am 39 years old in year 2022. I am the founder of Careyourpresent site. I am a believer of Caring your Present and treasuring your time with your love ones. Most of the time we are busy with work, spending your precious time pursuing something which you don’t like but have to do in order to earn a living. Hence, please Love and Care for your PRESENT!

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