Ethereum Merge: Everything you must know if you own ETH
By Dr Wealth  •  September 3, 2022
Ethereum is about to undergo a major shift in a couple of days. If you’re an ETH hodler, here’s a quick breakdown of The Merge and everything you need to know. What you’ll learn What is “The Merge”? The Ethereum blockchain is about to transition from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS). This shift has been in the works for years – the Proof of Stake Ethereum blockchain which is also known as the Beacon Chain was launched way back in December 2020. It has been running in parallel with the original Proof of Work Ethereum Chain ever since. After years of testing and several test merges on Ethereum’s testnets, the official Merge of the original Proof of Work Ethereum mainnet and the Beacon Chain is finally in sight. Source Wen Merge? According to the Ethereum Foundation, The Merge is likely to occur between 10 – 20 September 2022. Developers are working to a soft deadline of 19 September 2022....
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By Dr Wealth
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