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Expenditure Cost Optimization using Fairprice App
By Scg8866t Stockinvesting  •  September 3, 2022
Fairprice app is quite useful for takeaways(not a sponsored post). I can further optimize my spending for lunch. As I am still working from home, and with my helper and me taking care of my younger son during the day now, I have started to takeaway food for lunch so that she doesn't have to cook. I have two giant Kopitiams in very close proximity to me. Fairprice app lets you take away meals from Kopitiam at a 10% discount, earning you linkpoints at the same time while paying with your credit card. Every $2 spent earns you 1 linkpoint. This means a 0.325% effective cash rebate for every dollar spend. Moreover unlike Grab/Foodpanda/Deliveroo, Fairprice app doesn't sneakily jack up the price of the listed stall items. It shows the exact price that the stalls are selling which is ideal. The meals you buy through the app shows a MCC code of 5814 which is under...
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By Scg8866t Stockinvesting
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