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3 Ways Startups in Singapore Should Assess Different Financing Options Like SME Loans
By ValueChampion  •  September 9, 2022
Life of an entrepreneur is a constant struggle between bliss and misery. Sometimes, startup founders are exuberant about the latest milestones they achieved; in other times, they find themselves in a constant state of panic as they are trying to solve another problem that might just end their venture. One of the most difficult and painful problems to deal with is financing. Here, we discuss the major ways that startups can fund their operations, and what type of funding are appropriate for different situations.

Launching a New Company

For budding entrepreneurs who have not yet launched their own companies, funding options are unfortunately quite limited. The most well-known venue is to receive funding from venture capital firms. To actually raise capital from VCs and angel investors, you have to demonstrate that you have built a credible career, expertise, network and track record to prove that you have what it takes...
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By ValueChampion
We distill sprawling marketplaces—for insurance, credit cards, bank accounts, and more—down to choices that represent a sweet spot for value—as in offering the features, returns, or experience we think you need for the smallest outlay. We ask: Is the return on a particular purchase or decision worth the cost or risk of that option, and how does the choice stack up against other options?

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