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By Market Observer  •  September 20, 2022
Photo by Alexander Grey / Unsplash This is a money question that constantly bites us. How should we better handle idle money? What are the choices available? If you are not an investor, keep it in bank deposits for safety. If you want higher gain as an investor, taking on higher-risk investments is unavoidable. Unfortunately, that can sometimes turn out to be too risky. See what happened to high-yield bonds like Hyflux and crypto lending deposits. Investors lost most of their money. How about something less risky? You can go for investment-grade bonds but they come with a lock-in period. You cannot withdraw anytime you want. This is not good for active investors who do not want their funds stuck just when they need instant access to the funds to grab hold of investment opportunities. A delay may mean losing a money-making opportunity. You want liquidity in this case. For investors like me, my preference for idle money will be...
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By Market Observer
I have more than 15 years of navigating stock markets. Did the markets make me rich? I humbly admit I have rich experience in losing money but managed to earn back enough to not be stressed out over money today.

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