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Precious Metals Or Precious Gems: Which Can Grow Your Wealth?
By - Your Salary in Singapore  •  September 23, 2022
Investing in precious metals or gems is an effective approach to grow your wealth, without the need to meet organizational requirements or deal with complications and other business matters. But before investing in fine jewelry, you need to know the difference between gold purity and weight of gemstones: karat vs carat. A karat is a measurement unit indicating the percentage of gold mixed into an alloy out of 24 total parts. For example, 18K gold contains 18 out of 24 parts of gold expressed in karat measurements. Carat, on the other hand, is the measurement used for precious stones and pearls, referring to a gemstone’s weight. For example, 1 kilogram of a gem is equivalent to 5,000 carats. Precious Metals The value of precious metals has been significantly higher than that of other naturally occurring metal resources, such as those listed in the periodic table of elements. So, precious metals are more valuable than paper financial instruments like bonds and other investment certificates....
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By - Your Salary in Singapore
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