Updated List Of HDB Executive Apartments In 2022: How Much Have Prices Increased & Where To Find Them
By Stacked Homes  •  September 23, 2022
With private housing prices at a new peak, HDB upgraders may find condos are currently out of reach. The next best alternative might be the spacious Executive Apartments (EAs), which go up to a whopping 1,600+ sq. ft. in some areas. At around half the price of a typical new launch condo today, and minus the high maintenance fees, EAs are increasingly on the shortlist of home buyers. Here’s how their prices have moved since last year: What are HDB Executive Apartments? We have a more detailed description in our previous piece. But in short, the first Executive Apartment came about in 1984. Unlike their Executive Maisonette (EM) counterparts which have 2 storeys, EAs are set over just one floor, but they were still among the largest flats built by HDB. At the time, they ranged between 141 to 156 sqm.  Executive Apartments have certain features that you won’t find in many other flats. The main ones are balconies...
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By Stacked Homes
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