T-Bills at 3.32% yield – Better buy than Singapore Savings Bonds / Fixed Deposit? Where am I putting my cash?
By Financial Horse  •  September 25, 2022
I’ve been getting quite a few questions on T-Bills recently. The latest T-Bills yield 3.32%, absolutely risk free. And with the latest Fed rate hikes, the next round of T-Bills (auction on 29 Sept) will see even higher yields. So… in times like this, are T-Bills the best place to park cash? Better than Singapore Savings Bonds or Fixed Deposit? FH… Why do you keep writing on T-Bills / Singapore Savings Bonds? Now you may realise that I’ve been writing a lot on T-Bills, Singapore Savings Bonds, and Fixed Deposit recently. The reason why – is that the macro climate is absolutely terrible. With central banks in full-on inflation fighting mode, interest rates are marching up relentlessly. And stocks / REITs have not fallen to the point where this is priced in (in my view). Until they do, or until central banks change their policies, the best place to be in for a long term...
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By Financial Horse
Financial Horse was started to demystify financial investments. He is a firm believer in Einstein’s quote that “If you can’t explain it to six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Too much of finance is shrouded in complex jargon, and Financial Horse gallops through the mysteries ...

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