My SRS Portfolio and Thoughts [Sept 2022]
By Wealthdojo  •  October 2, 2022
If you are in cash this year, you would have beaten the market. Congratulations! However, this does not mean you should keep your money as cash as inflation will erode the value of your money. 2022 is a rough year for the investment market. If you have invested in the STI for the past 1 year, you would have achieve no movement at all. STI ETF Since March 2022 If you have invested in other markets, then you are most likely seeing a red in your portfolio. If you are new to Supplementary Retirement Sum (SRS), please start here. Disclaimer: This article is not and should not be taken as a buy/sell/hold recommendation. My SRS Portfolio Sept 2022 My Thoughts and Consideration My SRS Portfolio Sept 2022 SGX:HST continues to face downward pressure as Beijing’s zero-Covid pursuit, regulatory crackdowns and tensions with the West have led to a US$5 trillion rout in Chinese stocks since early...
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By Wealthdojo
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