What Are the Singapore REITs YTD Returns as at 2022 9M Amidst the Recent Selldown
By REIT-TIREMENT  •  October 2, 2022
3Q is a very bumpy ride for SREITs investors, the YTD average capital loss is growing significantly bigger, especially in the last trading week. The fed rate has increased from 1.5% to 1.75% at the end of June to 3% to 3.25% at the end of September. The merger between Mapletree Commercial Trust and Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust has completed in early August. As for the privatization of Frasers Hospitality Trust, the resolution did not pass through, by a very slight margin. Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay Overall YTD Returns Below is the graph for returns of Singapore REITs as of 9M 2022, including Business Trusts - Ascendas India Trust & Dasin Retail Trust. Note that the dividend is based on the ex-dividend date. As you could see from above, only 6 counters are having positive YTD returns. Next, let's look at the detailed table:...
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I am Vince and welcome to my blog. I started this blog on 1st January 2019. Since the start of my investment journey, I have been fond of REITs because of its dividends. REITs allowed you to become a property landlord and get rental income without having to fork out large sum of initial capital, look out for tenant as well as manage the properties ...

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  1. BWCheok says:

    Yes, I do agreed with you. I have invested Reits since the Capital Mall Trust 2002 and Ascendas Reit 2003 IPO and hold till today.

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