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Instead of quiet quitting, I chose to quit my job
By Retire by 50  •  October 3, 2022
"My name is Mickey, and I am a serial job hopper." That's probably what employers would think of me when they look at my resume today. Yes, I have just resigned from my consulting role that I mentioned last year in a blog article. Here's what happened. Quick recap on why I changed my job last year For those who did not read my previous article, let's recap what happened. Late last year, I have decided to transition from being a digital marketer to a IT consultant for digital marketers. This move would allow me to challenge myself in a different space while still making use of the existing digital marketing skills from my talent stack. This somewhat risky move has yielded me an additional 40% in annual salary. For the first six months, I was seconded to the client and the work was great. The job scope was exactly what I was looking for....
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By Retire by 50 is a personal blog about my journey to retirement by the age of 50. At 31, I am a typical white-collar Singaporean who works regular hours in a job while looking for other opportunities to make more money during non-office hours. This blog will discuss the hits-and-misses encountered during my journey to free myself from the corporate rat race. Will I get there by 2033? Stay tuned.

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