The Real Reasons Why The Singapore Government Is Stopping Private Property Owners From Downgrading to Resales Public Housing.
By Investment Income for Life  •  October 3, 2022
First and foremost, this is just a personal opinion piece in case I am going to be shot at by supporters of the Men in White for what I am about to blog here. As usual, I am flabbergasted that our Singapore Government has again come in to make life hard for many ordinary Singaporeans by meddling in public housing policy. This triggered off bad memories with the horrible government policies in public housing just before the 2011 General Election. My friends and I are the generation that had Mr Mah Bow Tan as the Minister of National Development and suffered terribly under the unreasonable housing policies in place then.
  1. BTO flats supply woes Build to Order Flats (BTO) will only start construction once there is sufficient demand then due to previous bad experience of Mr Mah from excess supply of completed flats. For unoccupied flats after some time, tiles and other finishing apparently tend to spoil easily hence
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By Investment Income for Life
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