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98% Chance of a Recession?
By InvestingNote  •  October 7, 2022
It’s been a rough, past week for financial markets. This post was originally posted here. The writer, Willie Keng is a veteran community member and blogger on InvestingNote, with a username known as @Willie and has close to 200 followers. After the Fed’s 0.75% rate hike last Wednesday, there’s nothing but bad news. Stocks, bonds, global currencies (the British pound, Japanese yen, Euro, Chinese yuan) and oil prices tanked. Other central banks followed behind the Fed by raising their own rates in a bid to fight inflation. And stemmed the sell-off in their currencies. To cap it off, Ned Davis Research now sees a — 98% chance of a global recession The war on inflation is here. Is this a sign to sell our portfolios and get out of the market? Let’s unpack NDR’s research to find out. Ned Davis Research is an independent research provider, and what they are strong in is their rigorous economic models and rich data research....
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