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OCBC 360 account interest rate at up to 7.65% p.a. Best deposit account in Singapore? [Nov 2022]
By Beansprout  •  October 31, 2022
OCBC announced that it is raising interest rates on the OCBC 360 savings account again. The headlines show that you can earn up to 7.65% a year! Let’s explore the following questions: Is OCBC 360 better than DBS Multiplier? Is OCBC 360 better than UOB One? Is OCBC 360 the best deposit account in Singapore? Read on to find out more! How to earn an interest rate of 7.65% per annum on the OCBC 360 deposit account? For the uninitiated, you can refer to my past article to understand how OCBC 360 works in detail. Other than the increase in interest rates offered, OCBC has reduced their number of tiers and the number of qualifying credit cards.
  1. The interest rate is drastically increased after the first $75,000 instead of $50,000.
  2. The qualifying credit card now extends to the OCBC 90N and OCBC Titanium Rewards credit cards, instead of the usual OCBC 365 credit card.
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By Beansprout
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