Likely Property Crisis in Singapore- A drop of 30%?
By Something About Finance  •  November 1, 2022
In recent times, despite the upheaval around the world, the Singapore property market has been holding well. It is still on an upward trajectory that makes it like "Not being in the game is a fool's play". It has been one of the surefire ways to build your golden nest by upgrading from your first BTO HDB to a private property and to another private property every 4-5 years to escape the Sellers Stamp Duty. Not many have not reaped returns using this foolproof path. There is an interesting Tik Tok video where the content creator was mentioning that his property agent is pitching a newly launched condo as a sure-proof way to lock in profits after 5 years of holding. It is along the line of just buying the property at 1.5 million now and cashing out at 2 million 5 years later. Then it shows the speech by our deputy Prime Minister who said no one he has known...
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By Something About Finance
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