Inside A Stylish $150k Renovated Home With A Balcony Designed For Cats
By Stacked Homes  •  November 9, 2022
This week, we visit a stylishly designed home at Rivertrees Residences in Fernvale. Homeowners Joslyn and Eugene have transformed the space into one that is on the darker, more sultry side but still kept light with the cement screed walls in the living room. They also chose to go with large format tiles on the floor, which helps the place look much cleaner with fewer lines. The previous layout of the home was tweaked, and the balcony at the entrance was transformed into an altar space. They had to also accommodate their cats and installed an invisible grill and Ziptrak on the balcony so that they could still enjoy the views or close it up in the event it gets too hot. The house has multiple feng shui elements about it too, from the alignments to the dimensions as well as several display ornaments. Special thanks to Joslyn and Eugene for showing us around their stylish home!...
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By Stacked Homes
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