I’m A Singaporean Who Moved To Portugal: My Experience In This “Crypto Haven” Real Estate Market
By Stacked Homes  •  November 16, 2022
Ask most Singaporeans what they know about Portugal and you’d probably get a mix of Cristiano Ronaldo and egg tarts. Portugal isn’t a typical destination either for Singaporeans looking to go on holiday to Europe, although it is quite an underrated spot for its beautiful beaches and scenic wineries. But there’s something that is up and coming in Portugal that is worth knowing – and that’s Portugal as a haven for crypto enthusiasts. And so in this piece, we’ll be speaking to Vivien, a Singaporean living in Portugal who ended up establishing a company called Simply Portugal, where she assists corporates and individuals who are interested in migrating or investing in real estate in Portugal. “I was in Portugal and at that point of time, the COVID-19 pandemic was just starting to catch wind”, shared Vivien. Like many others that were caught by surprise by the pandemic, she was stuck on lockdown in Portugal....
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By Stacked Homes
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