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Sports or Arts: Which Enrichment Classes Should My Kid Pick Up?
By Planner Bee  •  November 16, 2022
In our last article on enrichment classes, we talked about the benefits and options of academically-related classes in Singapore. But after-school classes shouldn’t just be about hitting the books. By having fun and expressing their creativity, your children will develop more holistically. So here’s a guide on picking the right non-academic options — specifically sports and arts courses — for your kids. It also includes our estimation of the costs of these lessons for children aged four to 12. Why Enrol? Sports classes help your children to develop an active lifestyle, especially at a time when children have been spending more time indoors. Having an active lifestyle lowers the risk of obesity and a myriad of other health issues, while building fitness, memory, and energy levels too. Meanwhile, arts classes help children to develop their expressive side, an important social skill, and also learn to think out of the box. It’s also entirely possible you...
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By Planner Bee
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