Robo Advisors Is It Good? Hidden Pros and Cons You Must Know
By  •  November 19, 2022
Technology advancement, AI and robotics allow us to automate almost anything.
It almost feels like robots will rule the world and make us humans redundant. Even investing is not spared. With the raise of robo-advisors, it is now challenging the traditional financial advisors who have been giving valuable financial advice to investors for decades. Will robo-advisor change the financial industry forever? What Is Robo Advisor? Robo advisor is a digital advisory service for investing. Unlike conventional investment managers, robo-advisors generally have no direct human involvement in the advice given to the investors. Today, robo-advisors come in many forms, but they all offer similar services where robo-advisors offer you investment advice generated according to complicated algorithms based on the company’s own knowledge of the current market. Similar to an investment manager, a robo-advisor helps you to decide how to invest on the online platform according to the criteria and goals you have preset....
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