How I will invest $1 million in 2023’s market crash (as a Singapore Investor)
By Financial Horse  •  November 26, 2022
It’s been a while since I did a macro post on Financial Horse. I’ve also been getting quite a few queries on how to invest as a long term investor. So let’s remedy that today. 4 Stages to a Bear Market As shared a while back, there are 4 stages to a bear market:
  1. Stage 1 (Market Topping) – Bubble bursts, euphoria gives way to selling
  2. Stage 2 (Pricing in higher interest rates) – Asset prices decline to price in the higher risk free rate
  3. Stage 3 (Pricing in lower earnings) – Rising interest rates start to weigh on the economy, resulting in lower consumer spending and corporate earnings
  4. Stage 4 (Panic Deleveraging) – Investors flood for the exits, creating liquidity problems
Now every market is slightly different. The more speculative crypto markets? I think you could argue they are in Stage 3 or Stage 4. But traditional financial markets?...
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By Financial Horse
Financial Horse was founded with a simple goal – To provide high quality financial commentary, in plain English. He is a firm believer in Einstein’s quote that “If you can’t explain it to six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Too much of finance is shrouded in complex jargon, and Financial Horse aims to demystify financial investments.

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