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Post-Restrictions Travel Guide to Hong Kong
By ValueChampion  •  November 26, 2022
Missed visiting Hong Kong? Then you’ll be happy to know that the city has further relaxed its COVID-19 measures for inbound travellers. Here’s a guide to help you with everything you need to know when entering the city, from things to prepare before you arrive at Hong Kong International Airport to all the steps you have to take as soon as you land. Stick around after that for the places to visit in Hong Kong!

What Are the Regulations for Inbound Travellers Now?

Mandatory hotel quarantine has ended as of 26 September. And from 17 November, Hong Kong arrivals under the 0+3 arrangements are allowed to visit more venues in the city, such as museums, places of worship, non-dining areas in theme parks, and hair salons. The government also announced new arrangements for inbound tour group travellers, due to be rolled out this month. As long as they have pre-registered...
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By ValueChampion
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