ThumbTack Fund Report 12 – No Longer A Teenager
By SG ThumbTack investor  •  November 27, 2022
Just realized that I haven’t updated this blog for 9 months! Hello hello, I’m still very much alive, not dead yet. Borders have largely reopened everywhere except for the forbidden city, life is exciting once again as I get to see the world and experience stuff again, so SG TTI took a backseat for a while. Back in March of this year, as the world was creeping back to normalcy, I polled InvestingNote and asked them where I should go: 162 folks collectively decided on Denmark, which was a total surprise to me tbh. I’d have thought Egypt or Maldives would be top choices by the random folks in InvestingNote, but it turned out Denmark won convincingly with 1/3 of the total vote count. So… 恭敬不如從命, I have to defer to the wisdom of the crowds: P.S. This poll was started just before Sri Lanka self destructed with internal strife and riots, hence the “seems kids friendly”. Parents with...
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By SG ThumbTack investor
I am a Singaporean male in my mid-30s, and this blog chronicles my investing ideas and activities. I hope to search for and find contrarian and deep value investing ideas and will chronicle all these ideas here, both the successes and the failures. (hopefully less of the latter) ...

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