Join our upcoming webinar to learn more about investing in the art market
By Endowus Insights  •  November 28, 2022
About the event The art market rallied by nearly 30% in 2021, with aggregate sales by dealers and auctioneers pushing past $65 billion.* As art valuations continue to rise amid growing uncertainty and volatility in the financial markets, some investors are looking to art as a potential diversifier for their investments. At the "Introduction to the Art Market" webinar, Gregory Van, CEO of Endowus, is joined by Shuyin Yang, Fair Director of ART SG — Southeast Asia's largest art fair — and Francis Bellin, President of Christie's Asia. They will discuss:
  1. How an artwork is valued as an asset and for investment

  2. How art can tie in with your existing investment portfolio

  3. Insider tips for those new to art investing in Singapore — including where the best places are for purchasing art, how to get the best quality for price, and ensuring longevity in the pieces you collect

*2022 Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report...

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By Endowus Insights
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