Performance Update for Month of November 2022 +$66,007.55 (+5.11%), High Momentum Trades In $MMAT, $PDD, $TME, $MNSO Sparkled A Turnaround
By Jeff Sun Trading  •  December 2, 2022
Looking for a strong close to December with quite a number of winning position still unrealized. Likely to be back in the ranking board of US Investing Championship (USIC) for this month, after falling down the ranks over the last four months. Do check out my twitter for daily updates going into end of 2022. November 2022 (Month #73) Total Trades: 55 (YTD 359 Trades) Month Absolute Gain (Loss): +$66,007.55 Month Nett Cost After Dividends: +$4,177.42 Month Return: +5.11% (YTD: +7.61%) Cumulative Return: +355.83% (Annualized: +28.77%) Win Rate: 42.74% Gain to Pain: 2.40 Monthly Standard Deviation: 8.82% Sharpe Ratio: 0.94 Sortino Ratio 1.79 Thanks for reading. PS: Follow me on twitter (@jeffsuntrading) to get further daily pre-market notes, trading ideas and market updates.

2/12/2022 Pre-market Notes

— Jeff Sun, CFTe (@jeffsuntrading) December 2, 2022
The post Performance Update for Month of November 2022 +$66,007.55 (+5.11%),...
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By Jeff Sun Trading
Jeff Sun is a independent trader, an accredited investor (Securities and Futures Act, Singapore), and an avid private/public equity real estate, and specialist builder engineering firms investor, with Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) accreditation by the International Federation of Technical Analyst; and graduand of (with distinction) Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management.

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