Raffles Health Integrated Shield Plan Review
By Singapore Financial Planners  •  December 2, 2022
Raffles Shield is 1 of 7 integrated shield plans that act as a complement to your MediShield Life coverage to cover your hospitalisation bills. For Singaporeans or Permanent Residents, like other shield plans in the market, you may make premium payments via your MediSave account as long as it is within annual withdrawal limits. There are 4 Raffles Shield Integrated plans, each with its own set of entitlements.

Raffles Shield Private

Raffles Shield Private covers all private hospitals and wards in public restructured hospitals. Your claim limit is $1,500,000 per policy year if you visit a panel specialist and up to $600,000 for non-panel ones. It also provides pre-hospitalisation coverage of up to 180 days for treatment by panel hospitals & 90 days in other private hospitals. The post-hospitalisation coverage is up to 365 days for treatment by panel & up to 180 days in other private hospitals....
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By Singapore Financial Planners
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