Shitty 2022? Reframing my mind and be positive
By Simple Budget, Simple Life  •  December 4, 2022

This year is definitely going down as my WORST financial year. For the first time in my working life, my net worth DECREASED, although my income increased.

But I'm still holding on some hopes till 31 Dec 2022. 

Praying for better stock and crypto market.

This year hasn't been kind. If not for my own intuition and initiative to job hunt, I'd be jobless. I am thankful to myself and any higher beings for blessing me. 

I now have an inkling of how it feels like IF I had no income stream. While I have at least $100k cash savings across FD, banks, it's not as much as before. Most of it are stuck in stocks, for which I'd incur losses by selling now. A good portion is in crypto, which I'm preparing to write off as 0. I blame my poor planning and eagerness to strike it

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By Simple Budget, Simple Life

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