Nov2022 Finance update – Monthly Dividend/Interest received $5.6k
By GlobalPassiveIncome  •  December 7, 2022
Nov 2022 Dividend/Interest come in at around $5.6k. The stock market recovered strongly in the month of November and YTD loss cut by half and with dividend accounted for, it was almost positive. When the market is doing badly, dividend payment definitely help to absorb the temporary paper loss. Liquid Net worth YTD gain also revert to positive territory. With the depress S-REITs stock price, I have increased my stakes in FCT, ESR, AIM and FLCT.However, I sold all my CLCT and recycle the capital into HKSE stocks like CITIC, NWS and CKH. The reason is that with China pending covid pivot, I find that the HKSE counters have more room for rebound while providing superior yield. As these are blue chip companies, I feel that they are also more financially sound to withstand any change in China policy. On my interactive broker account, I added LGGNY and 2 bonds WFC and ENB. One of my bond Baidu...
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By GlobalPassiveIncome
Started fixed income investing with the aim of collecting consistent dividend and interest monthly while protecting my principle capital. I invested mainly in reits ( local and overseas), MLP (overseas) , US bonds and preferred stock (or perpetual shares). For my overseas investment, I spend quite some time researching securities that will avoid withholding tax. Currently achieved 62K annual dividends and interest. My target is to achieve SGD100K or USD75K passive income before I retire in my early 50s.

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